Necessary armistice

I watched the street split yesterday. Big, beautiful cracks as sections bulged and water poured from beneath. A main broke, leaving a bed of mud in long rivulets all the way down the next block.

Partner and I stood at the kitchen window throughout the day, giggling as people displaying criminal amounts of inattention drove right past or through the cones, tape, or other blockades of the repair site. One man in a dark blue SUV thought perhaps he could fit through the meter gap between water company trucks. It didn’t go well.

Later, the dog tried to traipse through the sewage mud, seeing the street as a new creek to play in.

Currently reading: The Worm Ouroboros, House of Many Ways

Birds today: metric shit load of juncos

Mood: gem-encrusted goblet full of warm, congealed blood. It tastes like cheap chocolate pudding.

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