• Letter to Myself 05.15.2024
    You eat a lot of people, but they’re into it. This is the foundation of an optimal society.
  • inertia
    perhaps wine was the only sea shade we needed
  • antimeat
    poem for those with mineralistic sympathies
  • 2023
    poem for the arbitrary end of the year
  • Stop correcting me
    It’s one thing to remain fond of what was; it’s another to harness your time to those no longer present. Not the dead – they have whatever you give, which is enough even if nothing – but the living who don’t think of you. The ones who don’t give you room even in thought. WhoContinue reading “Stop correcting me”

this is where i keep my things
all of them whatever i need
it’s up to the whole of me to fill pages and electricity
with letters to myself
when was the last time you took up enough space?