Every day begins as gray
We move to divide and refract
for hue to wiggle through and live
(Even leaves know the blue of arrival
the passing away of red)
Colour is decay
All of us exist to fade
(I will remember you in a thousand shades
even if most of them are dead)
When nothing stays but light
and even that is eaten deep
at the heart of everything
(Oh what travesty)
Oh what joy
what a rainbow must surround
the black hole
at the center of the galaxy


no i don’t

write about other people

my god

i’m a startled bird

to my own body

listen, here’s a rock i found:

no sorrows hold a stone but set it down

only time will touch and then but gently

joy herself speaks quiet a single word

stretched in ecstasy over the aeons

a stone is all one, no matter its parts

the beasts that die inside us: materials!

that vary wildly as the great cosmos

you know that every stone is a sister

sand to saturn, after a moment:

another, a conduit for all time

even the pearl can see that growth is slow

settle, let the world revolve around you


I want this year to be filled with roots and flowers
For the soil to cling to my feet
As among the berries I go
For weeds to become neighbors to become friends
To accept the warning sting from bees
Away from places too sacred for me to understand
Holding hands with moonlight and the breath of water
The pond rising through the reeds to take its food for the coming season
Alone I am never
Will never under stars be
Cardinals will sing my lullabies
And send fireflies to light my way