Everybody needs a friend. Nature is so fantastic, enjoy it. Let it make you happy. And that’s when it becomes fun – you don’t have to spend your time thinking about what’s happening – you just let it happen. Follow the lay of the land. It’s most important. It’s important to me that you’re happy. You need to have a very firm paint to do this.

This is an example of what you can do with just a few things, a little imagination and a happy dream in your heart. Now let’s put some happy little clouds in here. It takes dark in order to show light. Trees grow however makes them happy.

Put your feelings into it, your heart, it’s your world. It’s a super day, so why not make a beautiful sky? In life you need colors. You can do anything your heart can imagine. Tree trunks grow however makes them happy.

Even trees need a friend. We all need friends. See there how easy that is. Let’s make a nice big leafy tree. This is gonna be a happy little seascape. Let the paint work. It’s hard to see things when you’re too close. Take a step back and look.

We spend so much of our life looking – but never seeing. It’s life. It’s interesting. It’s fun. Just beat the devil out of it. We can fix anything. Here’s another little happy bush

Let’s make some happy little clouds in our world. We start with a vision in our heart, and we put it on canvas. Let’s do it again then, what the heck. Van Dyke Brown is a very nice brown, it’s almost like a chocolate brown. Trees cover up a multitude of sins. Just let your mind wander and enjoy. This should make you happy.

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