We know, and that is why

Alchemy is the classiest of scams and I dearly wish all the MLM bullshittery of today had anywhere near the glamour and spine required to demand immortality of the universe with some dust, silverfish, and allegory.

The great dark distance spread above
a place of haze, exhaled lungs.
You, composed of scraps of breath,
feeling vapor, scarcely used
suspended between sea and moon
obsessed with leaping upwards, cry
against cruel gravity, and move
towards stardust stillness
as you do.
Yet swift as soon, the earth that churns,
knowing only killing pressure, swallows to
complete conversion,
changing corpse from air to ore,
and, with small pleasure, shovels you
through conflagration to roiling core.
When jumping, unaware, you are
suspended on the x and y
of elemental parents and
astonishing circumstances.

At a wedding outside Boston, a bow-tied accountant dances.

Sept 2015