Weekly update: January 19-25 2020

What I’m reading: Damn Fine Story by Chuck Wendig

I love writers talking about writing. There’s such a sense of flailing pretender helplessness behind it all – that their success is a fluke, but they’re asked so often how it works that maybe if they put it down, people will stop asking because oh god why do you think I know?

It’s really just another job, though. Do you spend time writing? Revising? Cool. You’ll get there.

Just, you know, you’ll want to rip off all your flesh and scream repeatedly through the process because these are your goddamn dreams on the page and what if no one loves them?

I think these books are a form of group therapy for me – shows I’m not alone.

How I’m doing: Rock

Bad things happen to other people and you take the weight and take the weight. My house is very clean and all my shit is done and I made brownies and I think I’ve forgotten how to relax.

What I’m writing: Their Appointed Course (working title)

Weekly word count: 6284

I love seeing the middle of a relationship – the ease, the trust, the way they have each others’ backs – and I love writing about it too. Too often a book is ruined for me when some simple fucking communication would have fixed an issue. I’m not even referring to situations where they can’t talk or they have Issues that Prevent Talking because all that happens, yes, but regular, every day communication that the beings involved already engage in.

That said, you can’t leave anything alone as a writer, so I just make the problems I give them much, much bigger.

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