jack valentine


Sir George and the End of the World

Sir George is the greatest Adventurer of all times (just check her Guild ranking), but can even she stop a rampaging demon army, an immortal dragon, and save an assassin princess with more secrets than knives up her sleeves?
Well, of course she can. But first she’ll have to deal with a shut-in bard who can’t remember the words, a pick-up artist mage, an amorous necromancer queen, and more bandits than you can shake an ambush at.
The best worst fantasy novel you’ll ever read. Plus inexplicable unicorns.

The Courier Revolution

The blue light wastes are filled with magical beasts – a quick death for anyone who leaves the safety of the Settlements… except for the Couriers. An all-women delivery service, they haul both goods and secrets, and Aidan is their newest recruit.
It seemed like a good way to escape a forced marriage, but someone is murdering Couriers. Someone is starting a war.
And someone wants to pin it all on Aidan.


The galaxy is full and the first immortal, Planet, has gone missing. Saul Betaine, a young history major in a time when no one really dies, has Planet’s most recent memories in his head. Hired to track the immortal down, Saul has to handle gods, smuggler queens, and a cult determined to bring death back.
All while holding onto a secret he’d kill to keep.