Weekly update: January 26-February 1 2020

What I’m reading: Jack shit

I haven’t picked my next book yet, which is awful of me. I have a shelf worth to get to.

How I’m doing: Baking cookies

I got hit in the head with a skateboard. So. That was something I had to deal with. I have a delayed response to physical attacks of several days, so I’m just now dealing with it. In about a month, I’ll have a feeling or two.

Winter has finally settled in, which is good. My body was hating outside with no real reason to and it turns out you can’t disrupt habits like that without a price. Now I can grumble and let the hate out and see my fingertips go white (as they should! It is January!) and long for warmer weather. 70F in January is shit when nothing is green and the ground is still sleeping.

What I’m writing: Their Appointed Course (working title)

Weekly word count: ???

It’s a very good thing when a criminologist vets your systems of punishment as realistic. People are people, even with magic.

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