Weekly update: Jan 12-18 2020

What I’m reading: Artificial Condition by Martha Wells

I love Murderbot. I LOVE Murderbot. I love MURDERBOT.

How I’m doing: Weather seesaw

I am old enough that I can remember a warmer winter. This one is much more existentially terrifying. Winter has crept back through November, December, and now we’re seeing snow for the first time in mid-January. For all we held off an Ice Age, could we, perhaps, kindly, stop now?

I’d prefer not to complain. I’m best under heat and pressure, making more coal of myself. But I watch the creep, I see the early bulbs try to rise, I see them burned for their confusion. I’d rather not.

What I’m writing: Their Appointed Course (working title)

I had a moment this week when I realized I could smash two storylines together to make an actual book instead of needing to come up with a whole new half. They didn’t work at all apart (why neither have been finished), but hot damn do they work well together. My word count has been garbage. Too much day-job writing. One could smugly sneer to work through it, but I will stick with my five hours of creative work a day rule and lack of burnout. Eat shit, invisible sneer.

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