Weekly update: February 23-February 29 2020

What I’m reading: Punished by Victor M. Rios

Nothing but professional reading this week.

How I’m doing: Not preparing for an apocalypse

What do you really change when you already have groceries delivered, can work from home, and don’t go to places with high traffic?

I have been making more, which is good, but writing less, which is…whatever. Only in my darker moments do I give myself shit anymore for not meeting word count – I consider it a suggestion, a high water mark for the day as opposed to a necessity. What’s a necessity is making wings float over the torso, exercising, making sure food is eaten, and the dog is petted.

There’s a special kind of burnout when you’ve been emotional support for someone for a very, very long time and now it’s time to break those patterns, but that’s still more work. Hello, burnout.

What I’m writing: Their Appointed Course (working title)

Two things I’m wrestling with this week:

  1. What makes someone unlikable?
  2. So it seems my favourite kind of romance is essentially a buddy cop movie just with women kissing at the end.

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